Paper Submission

LEO-PR&OECC/PS 2013 Overseas Student Travel Grant
Travel Grant applications has been closed.
Student travel grant notification has been sent out to all applicants on June 27.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be the presenter of accepted paper at CLEO-PR&OECC/PS 2013.
2. Must be a full-time student outside Japan including graduate student.
3. Must obtain a signature of your adviser or professor of the school on the application form* (* see below)
4. Must complete the “Student” Registration including the payment.
5. Must show student ID card at the onsite registration desk.

Application Term

May 24 to June 20, 2013 (Japan Standard Time, UTC +9)

Application Procedures

1. Download Application Form (Word), and fill in the appropriate information including your signature.
Make sure to have your adviser or professor sign on the Form as well.
2. Convert the filled in Application Form in MS Word to PDF.
3. Press below button to access apply page.
4 Input your name, and send the Application Form (PDF) as an attachment.
Note that you will receive the grant, if you are selected for the financial support, at the on-site registration desk from Jun 30 July 1st 1 pm to July 4 pm 2:00.


1. If the number of applicants exceeds the limit by budget, those with a higher review score will be selected.
2. Each grant recipient will receive grant in Japanese Yen in cash at onsite registration desk. (In order to receive the grant, please bring your student ID.)
3. The amount shown on the receipt will include the tax of 20.42% (withholding tax plus Japanese special reconstruction tax).