Guideline for Speakers

Oral Sessions

1. Time Allocation

Tutorial Presentations: 60 minutes including discussion
Symposium Presentations: 30 minutes including Discussion
Invited Presentations: 30 minutes including Discussion
Oral Presentations: 15 minutes including 12-minute Presentation and 3-minute Discussion
*Time allocation for Workshops and Plenary will be informed to each Speaker separately.

2. PC Preview

Location : Annex Hall Lobby
Date & Time : July 1: 12:00 – 17:00
July 2: 7:00 – 17:00
July 3: 7:00 – 17:00
July 4: 7:00 – 15:00
The PC Preview will be open during the above dates/times.

Speakers are requested to check all of the presentation material/data at the PC Preview Desk before the presentation.
Technicians will be available to assist you at the PC Preview Desk.
Please note that there will be 8 monitors available for Speakers at the PC Preview Desk.
We expect many Presenters to check their data.
Due to this expected congestion at the Desk, Please be ready to have enough time for the check.

3. Presentation Equipment

Please use your own laptop for the Presentation.
If you are unable to use your own laptop, please bring a copy of your Presentation Data stored on a USB storage device.
(Refer to the “Preparing Presentation Data” guidelines.) *
* If Presentation Data is made by Macintosh, you are required to bring your own laptop.

“Preparing Presentation Data”
– OS and Applications
OS: Windows 7
Applications: Power Point only
Version: 2007 / 2010
Movies: Windows Media Player
Fonts: Windows standard fonts (Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century,
Century Gothic, Courier New, and Georgia)
Please note that using any other font may cause letters to become unreadable.
To avoid the possible spread of computer viruses, always scan your presentation files beforehand with updated anti-virus software.
1) Monitor resolution is XGA (1024 x 768).
Please check your laptop in advance to confirm that all Data meets the above-specified conditions.
2) Please save all of your Presentation Data on your desktop in advance.
Save all data linked to your Presentation Data in the same folder on your desktop.
3) Turn off any sleep functions and screen savers.
4) Please bring all required connection cables for your own laptop.
5) Thin laptop computers may not have the standard monitor terminals. If necessary, please bring your own power adapter, a transformer, and a d-sub 15-pin adapter to connect to computer.
6) Sound function will be available.
7) Please bring back up data to the conference site if at all possible.

4. The meeting rooms contain the following items for presentations

LCD Projector
Podium with microphone and desk-top lamp, Laser pointer, Digital Time Indicator
A Windows laptop PC for the Speakers who bring only the presentation data.

5. Oral Session Procedures

For Session Chairs:
1) Please come in and be seated at the “Next Chair’s Seat” at least 15 minutes prior to your session.
2) At the appropriate time, please start your Session.
3) Please conduct the Session with the stated time requirements.
For Speakers:
1) Please follow the Session Chair’s instructions.
2) Be seated in the “Next Speaker’s Seat” (located in the first row of the room) at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your Session.
Please connect your laptop and start Presentation after you get situated on the podium.

Please go to ” Assistant Operator’s Desk” located in the Meeting Room. Copy and save your Presentation Data onto the Windows laptop PC After finishing the Presentation, return the Windows laptop PC to the “Assistant Operator’s Desk” and delete your presentation data.
4) Please follow the stated time restrictions/requirements.
Note: There will be an “Digital Time Indicator” on the podium, which will alert you of the remaining time.