Q1: I cannot find my country in the personal information page.
A1: Countries are listed in order according to ISO 3166 Standards.
Please refer to the below link for your country code.
If you are unable to find your country on the Personal Information Page after referring to the link, please contact info-itdw@west.jtb.jp.

Q2: Which Society (Membership) do you mean by “Member” category?
A2: Anyone who has a membership to at least one of the Societies below can register using
the “Member” Rate.
Please be advised that members are required to select the Society listed below which they belong to, and then enter their Membership ID.
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
IEEE Photonics Society
The Optical Society
Optical Society of Korea
The Korean Physical Society

Q3: In the meeting registration process, I was required to input my EDAS number.
I have several paper submissions thus I have several EDAS numbers. However, the registration screen allows me to input only one EDAS number. What should I do?
A3: Please input only one of the numbers. It doesn’t matter which one.
From that number, the Registration Secretariat will be able to locate of your papers.

Q4: Your website says that the “Regular/Student Registration Fee” includes the “Get Together Party” (Evening, June 30).
How much is it for the “Get Together Party” only?
What I mean is, what is the fee for the “Regular/Student Registration Fee” and “Get Together Party” separately?
A4: The fee is for the “Get Together Party” is zero. (As the Website says,)
The “Get Together Party” is included in the “Regular/Student Registration Fee.”
All of the Registered (paid) Participants are invited and encouraged to attend the Party.